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I started writing erotica in the 90s, just for my own entertainment.  Then I thought it might be fun to publish it, and perhaps even make a little money.  My first publication was a graphic short story (art by Tom Porta) in the very first issue of Heavy Rubber Magazine (1997).  Since then I have published in a number of major erotic anthologies, such as the winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Erotica, Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures (Cleis Press, 2009).

Erotic fetish writing can be divided, of course, into a number of genres or subgenres such as rubber, leather, armour, BDSM, spanking, etc. But as a fetish writer, I find my own difficulty in publicizing my work lies in the fact that while it incorporates these and other genres, it does not always fit neatly into one of them.

So how do I describe my hard to categorize work to the person who, unbeknownst to him or herself, might enjoy this lesbian and transgender erotica, but has no one label with with to search for it?

I think you could say, first of all, that humiliation is central.  And usually, the humiliation is comical, cartoonish, unusual, or bizarre.

The humiliation often involves some form of being tied up, stuck in something, rendered peculiarly powerles (especially by one’s own seemingly empowering garments)

And there must be a build-up to the humiliation.  I am all about foreplay.  For me, that is the sexiest thing in an erotic story.  So many tales begin with two paragraphs that introduce stock, uninteresting characters, and then proceed with 30 pages of “insert Tab A into Slot B” sex.  I do not find this even remotely interesting.

Not that I do not describe sexual acts and their consummation in detail — I most certainly do.

My work could be described as BDSM, but not in the classic sense of two people getting together in a “dungeon” like setting, within one of them tormenting the other for so many pages in more or less predictable ways.  My characters do not usually start out saying “let’s have sex,” but that is what they end up doing.  For example, if one character wears a rubber suit, it is not because she is a dominatrix preparing to play with a sex partner, but because she is a spacewoman or a diver.  I tend to contrive “realistic” excuses for my characters wearing fetish gear.  To me, a woman dressed up like Catwoman is sexier if she is doing so to burgle an estate, rather than explicitly to have sex.  Rest assured, though, somehow she will have sex.


10 comments on “About My Stories

  1. Hello, i’m a fan of stuck fetish and i’m always looking for new such content and i love headfirst and head stucks. I have purchased the compilation work you made and a few others. I was wondering are you planning on making more of those and if you know any other such pieces of work, i like mainly women in those situations.

    I’d like to suggest a home decorating event, where a bucket ens up stuck on the womans head and her coworker has fun with it. It could even have The Three Stooges feel by making many funny, erotic and slapstick stuff happen to them.

  2. Hi Antti Mort,

    There really don’t seem to be that many of us head first stuck fetishists. I can’t really think of anyone that does this other than myself. Most “stuck” fetishism seems to have to do with glue or mud and feet. If you ever find out anyone who does the head first stuff, let me know. I will let you know too.

    Wait a minute: I remember House of Gord has a thing or two: there’s some pics called “Canned Cunt” of a model named Fayth who is stuck headfirst in a large can. Her head is poking out the top, but shoulders to waist is in the can.


    Thanks for writing! I hope you like my work. We should keep in touch.

  3. Actually, there are quite a few of us. If you search by google, you can join one of these forums:
    mollycoddles2: any wedge stucks
    stuckheadfirstforum: an old forum with no known active admin with lot’s of content
    stuckheadfirstud: the new headfirst stuck forum
    headstuckforum: a forum admined by me and a friend of head stucks

    In the three later ones you have to register first and then make an introduction post and you will be approved as a member. The Lay of A Gracian Urn’s purchase page is on a link on stuckheadfirstud.

    That is so they still have to buy the thing to read it.

    Many of those sites have many stories that could inspire you, i don’t mind if we keep in contact.

    Use antti.mort@yahoo.com for more personal messaging

    Hope you will think of these forums.

  4. There’s The Ant Queen, which has a headfirst stuck. Some of my other stories have stucks, but not headfirst ones as I recall.

    “Gagging the Press” has a mouth stuck, and Rubber Space Academy has a vacuum cleaner stuck, and an eel stuck

    “Cream and Punishment” features a futa who gets stuck in a way no woman can, if you know what I mean 😉

  5. good to know, i have all of them on smashword, but Gagging the press, they all are good stories and fun to read.

    Have you gained inspiration for a new piece of work?

    I myself am trying to write something where a superheroine (Not by will) saves the day through getting stuck and other slapstick bad luck XD It’s based on Stuck Girl by BikersPlaceTwo.com where the superheroine gets her head stuck in various places.

  6. Biker is such a major figure in all this sort of thing, isn’t he? One of my fave pics of his involves one woman exposing the girdle of another.

    Where his ethos and mine differ is, he is into the ditzy bimbo types having stupid accidents. I am more into the proud, intelligent types getting into such situations, or having them thrust upon them.

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