Recurrent Themes


Humiliation and Comeuppance

This is probably the element of my work that is common to all my stories.  No matter who or how, somebody gets humiliated.  I suppose it is pointless to point out to anyone who has moral objections to this sort of thing, that such humiliation in a real rather than fantasy context would probably drive me mad with rage, with my sympathies entirely on the side of the victim.  However, fiction (including erotic, or especially erotic fiction) and reality do not necessarily work the same way.  The simple anti-pornography stance of “you really want this to happen” must come from people with a purely vanilla sex drive, no sex drive, no awareness of their own sexuality, or at some level an attempt to hide from their own.


This is a more specific element of the “humiliation” category.  There are to some extent “House of Gord” elements in my work.  It’s not like I will have someone turned into a coffee table throughout a story, but you see what I mean.


What can I say?  What could be finer than a woman in a rubber catsuit, scuba gear, elaborate, inflatable space suit, etc.?  And let’s suppose you are a chauffeuse driving a pre World War One Rolls and there is no roof over the driver’s seat?  Should your uniform not be made of rubber?


For me, this has nothing to do with the “brass bikini” idea.  Give me a woman in full plate armour any day.  Sci-fi scenarios are also a good excuse to put someone into some kind of armoured space suit.  Always I contrive some “practical” reason for the armour.  It is not made for the purpose of being sexy, but it turns out that way.  For some reason, purpose-designed sexy clothes do not work so well for me.

Getting Stuck

The whole stuck fetish is a thing in itself.  But whereas the “stuck” fetish as one sees it on the net usually means a woman getting her foot stuck in bubble gum or glue, my work is not into that.  Rather, what I find erotic is the idea of a woman stuck inside something (usually her head or upper body) and thereby rendered vulnerable.

Lesbian and Transgender

There are basically two types of characters that feature in my work: lesbians, and certain kinds of transgendered people: to be more precise, women with penises.  The English language still has some problems to work out here, because “trans woman” is not always precise enough for my purposes, and such words as “shemale” and “dick chick” have an offensive air about them that does not always work.  What I write may not be eternal literary fiction, but I like to give my characters some depth.  They may undergo objectification in the course of the story, but they are not inherently sex objects.  I need to make them human, and a word such as “shemale,” for example connotes someone invented for somebody else’s pleasure.  I have no moral objection to this as a fantasy, but I do not objectify transgender people (at least, not any more than I do anybody else.)

Sometimes, straight women are in my work, but only to be seduced by lascivious lesbians.

Forced Orgasm

My poor penis girls are particularly prone to this.  I do find it odd that penises are so often portrayed as signs of power.  But in certain ways they are very vulnerable, are they not?


The whole genre of inflation fetishism usually refers to some form of body inflation.



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