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I have written a lot more stories than what you see below, but a lot of my stories have been in popular hardcopy anthologies and are not available yet as singles.  I am in the process of reprinting those stories as singles at Smashwords and Amazon.  Each of the works you see below is available at one or both of those outlets.  As I make more singles available, they will be posted here.


NEW!  — Rider Ridden: A Futa Tale

Morag the futa equestrienne has her commanding eye on a man or two down at the stables. Could it possibly matter that a seemingly insignificant little maid, in turn, might have her eye on Morag? It’s time to find out who is fit to get in the saddle.

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futa-versus-vampire-400NEW! — Futa versus Vampire: A Phallogyne Tale

During lunch, Mina the futa learns about the escaped mental hospital patient who thinks she is a vampire. But Mina couldn’t care less. She is a busy career woman who has to get back to work. Careful, Mina, and don’t forget as you sashay back to the office in your lovely latex pants: some vampires never drink . . . blood.    NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED!

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Spanking Surprise at Quinham College

spanking-surprise-at-quinham-college-high-resolutionCloris is called to the office of the intimidating Miss Pushman, the headmistress. A ball gag and other dubious items have been found in the young woman’s locker, and it is clear before long she is in trouble. The headmistress, backed up by her sexy secretary, seems to have all the power. But does she? Will Cloris be the passive victim of corporal punishment?

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highjackedjods400Hijacked in Jodhpurs: A Futa/Phallogyne Tale

Logan the phallogyne (futa) is a perfectionistic yuppie and a bit of a snob.  One morning, she dresses herself very carefully in her super tight jodhpurs to go riding.  Her plans go awry, however, when a bizarre and comical accident forces Logan to encounter a sassy and libidinous little maid at the estate where Logan is staying.

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catsuit-control-high-resolutionCatsuit Control: Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson

A young woman comes home to find her best friend’s mom in a rubber catsuit, dangling a pair of handcuffs before her. But both these women are tops, by nature. What will happen?

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and-more-version-2Emma Peeler Gets A Spanking (and More)

Emma Peeler dons her rubber catsuit to investigate a murder with Steen. While inspecting the de Fishbrayne-Barfham estate, Emma encounters an eccentric female photographer who renders her helpless in an unusual way.

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leather-latexRoxy Katt’s Naughty Tales of Leather and Latex

Naughty Tales of Leather & Latex is a trilogy of laugh out loud adventures by yours truly, with my unique blend of slapstick lesbian fetish humor.  My heroines often find themselves inadvertently entangled in scenarios featuring leather or latex clad women, embarrassing predicaments, and comical sexual liaisons. You will never think of fetish attire in quite the same way after reading “The Space MILF,” Rubber Space Academy, and “The Problem of Leather.”

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Version 2Rubber  Cat Burglar

La Cambrioleuse is a proud futa cat burglar preparing for her latest caper.  Tightly sealed up in her rubber catsuit, she breaks into a mansion only to be surprised by a rubber suited super heroine.  Who shall prevail?  At 12,900 words, this is the first work I have published at Excessica.

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Stuck Fetish Frenzy - High Resolution - Version 1Stuck Fetish Frenzy: 3 Tales

This delightful erotic anthology contains three of my previously published stories: “The City Pony,” “The Lay of the Grecian Urn,” and “The Trumpet of Destiny.” Whether or not you have a fetish for women getting stuck head first in things, you will enjoy these hot and comical female on female stories of unusual bondage and humiliation.

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GAGPRESSGagging the Press

It’s “nostalgia day” at the office, and everyone is doing a little 1940s cosplay. Elizabeth Peach comes dressed to the nines. In a bizarre turn of events she accidentally gets a ball gag stuck in her mouth, and her “rescue” by a female co-worker, who is having a good time impersonating Humphrey Bogart, necessitates the exposure of Elizabeth’s authentic, 1940s style corsetry.

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RSAnewASUPLOADEDRubber Space Academy

This is my first erotic novella.  After years of writing short stories (usually around 3000 words each) I have made the necessary leap to the larger novella form: I needed more room for serial perversion!

In this 13,000 word novella space cadet Pamela Blamm is in trouble. Unauthorized sex toys have been found in her footlocker at the highly repressed Titus Bysshe Women’s Space Academy, and it looks like she will be disciplined. But Pamela’s encounter with the rubber skirted CO takes a bizarre turn and leads to a series of erotic and comical escapades with latex clad women of the academy. Will Pamela be able to escape?

For a short excerpt of this book, look here.  This features, by the way a little bit of kinky vacuum cleaner action.  I just love embarrassing the crap out of my characters!

Now Available only in Roxy Katt’s Naughty Tales of Leather and Latex
(see above) 


The Ant QueenFemale footwear on model in studio

Popping by a friend’s house, Betty encounters instead her friend’s mom, who has been trying on a strange rubber and plastic “ant suit” for a party. In a strange and potentially humiliating twist of fate, Mrs. Wellington turns out to need young Betty’s assistance in an unexpected way. “The Ant Queen” was originally published in Cleis Press’s hard copy Best Lesbian Erotica 2008. Word Count: 4,900.

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The City Pony - High Resolution

The City Pony

The City Pony is an erotic, comical, and unconventional pony girl story. Two women who work in an office building in Toronto (one an office worker native to Toronto, the other a maintenance worker from Alberta) keep meeting as if by chance and having odd, comical conversations. The subject, among other things, is horses, and this leads to a rather unusual outing.  This story was originally published in Cleis Press’s Where the Girls Are in 2009.  Word Count: 4,600.

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Cream and Punishment - High Resolution - CorrectedCream and Punishment

Proud and confident trans woman Portia attempts a little recreational shoplifting. But another woman catches her and demonstrates a more intimate form of burglary.

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Fancy Pants - High ResolutionFancy Pants

Down at the Double-Q ranch cowboy Chrissy is disturbed by the fact that her girl Abby has gotten all hoity-toity with super-tight jodhpurs and other non-Western style riding clothes. A sexual, sartorial power struggle is coming to town . . .

“Fancy Pants” was first published in Cleis Press’s Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures, which won the 2010 Lambda Award for Lesbian Erotica.  For those of you unfamiliar with the “Lammys,” they are pretty much the Academy Awards of LGBT themed writing.

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Knight, the Witch, and the Vacuum CleanerThe Knight, the Witch, and the Vacuum Cleaner: a Futa Fairy Tale

In this humorous tale, a proud futa knight in a heavy suit of armour thinks she has everything under control when she corners a wicked witch. But the wicked witch has a vacuum cleaner, and it just might be time to clean house.

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Sexy, leather-panted Professor Foxx catches two of her female students exchanging lewd notes about her. What will happen when the students are made to meet the professor in her office? Perhaps the power does not lie where it seems to.  “Gunmetal” originally published in Constable & Robinson’s The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica in 2007.

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The Lay of the Grecian Urnnewgrecianurncover

Amanda is frustrated by her inability to get the attention of Tory, who works at a fashionmagazine with her. But Tory’s peculiar “accident” with a Greek urn renders her more vulnerable than usual to Amanda’s advances.  This kinky tale was originally published in The Hot Spot magazine in 2004, and then in The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica in 2007.  Word Count: 3,840.

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The Space MILF

Mrs. Bloom squeezes herself into a rubber suit simply to be part of a living, retro space culture art exhibit. Little does she know that this kind of gear is just exactly what inspires the kinky and exploitative younger woman, Jenny.

Now Available only in Roxy Katt’s Naughty Tales of Leather and Latex
(see above) 


The Trumpet of DestinyTrumpet - High Resolution

This is a comical spanking story wherein a jealous wife encounters the tightly skirted Other Woman in her private art studio. Who shall prevail? “The Trumpet of Destiny” was first published in Logical-Lust’s 2010 hardcopy Spank! anthology.  Word Count: 3,800.

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The UngirdlingUngirdling - High Resolution

Lesbian girdle fetishist Cheryl is so distracted by the fact that her heterosexual female boss is wearing a super tight girdle that she applies for a transfer to another department to avoid further sexual frustration. The boss, however, does not want to lose this excellent employee. Be careful, boss, think before you act…

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